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Why Propane
"Clean, efficient, reliable."

Propane is an efficient, environmentally friendly, clean fuel choice that is used by millions of Americans nationwide.  Because propane works harder and burns cleaner, choosing propane can help save energy, reduce emissions, and protect the environment. 
In homes, a propane tankless water heater gives off less than one-half the carbon emissions compared to electric units and costs less to operate.  And, a propane furnace emits nearly seventy percent less CO2 than an electric furnace.  Not only is propane "green" but it is safe too.  Propane will not ignite when combined with air unless the source of ignition exceeds 940 degrees Fahrenheit.  Propane gas is non toxic and is not harmful to humans or animals if inhaled.  Unlike oil, propane will not contaminate the soil or water if a leak should occur.  Propane is a domestic energy source as well.  Ninety percent of all propane is produced here in the United States making it a reliable, domestic choice for your many energy needs.

As you can see propane is an efficient, versatile, economical energy choice to fuel appliances both inside and outside your home.  Being a domestic energy source, propane will be there when you need it.

Why Quality Propane
"Where every customer counts."

Quality Propane prides itself in treating each and every customer the same.  Whether you use 20 gallons of propane each year for a residential cooking stove or 40,000 gallons each year for a commercial restaurant, every customer is treated with the respect they would expect to receive from their propane provider.  We are a full service propane company providing 24 hour emergency service with our own fully licensed, in house service technicians.  We sell and install many types of propane appliances including fireplaces, heating systems, water heaters, and pool heaters.  Come and see our showroom where we have many of these appliances on display.

If you want unbeatable service, competitive pricing and to be treated " where every customer counts", call us today at 860-669-GASS (4277).




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